Trust Matters

VideoPartner is trustworthyWe want to be credible in your eyes. And you want to be credible in your visitors’ eyes too.

Trust matters.

The most important thing about our pregnancy calendar video content is NOT that it’s cost effective, high quality, beautiful, engaging or anything else like that.

It’s the fact that it’s correct. Accurate. Verified.

When you are informing expectant mothers about pregnancy then it’s really important to have content you can trust. We know that.

That’s why here at VideoPartner we employ and engage a team of European medical professionals to guide every step of the video content and production.

If you decide to give VideoPartner’s unique, high quality, in-demand video content to your visitors:

  • It  will showcase your experience and enhance you authority on the subject of pregnancy.
  • It can help you appear on the cutting edge. Who else in your market is offering such high quality video content?
  • It will help new visitors to know, like, and trust you.

Do business with VideoPartner and you will gain a long term trusted content partner.

  • We are here for the duration. We have invested significant sums of money and years of R &D to get to the stage where we can quickly deliver a flow of high quality video content  at low prices and fast!
  • We have exciting new high quality parenting video content series in development.
  • We know about parenting websites, our founder Kaarel runs the best one in Estonia. We understand the business, the industry and the ethical considerations around parental advice video content.
  • We hope to be your long term partner, a trusted extension of your in-house team, people who will go the extra mile to ensure that your website will always have the option to show exclusive, profitable and trustworthy content.
  • We want to help you succeed and that sort of attitude from a “supplier” is invaluable we think.
  • Our transparent licensing agreement is, we hope you agree, fair and protects both our interests.