Speed Matters

Making the decision to put high quality pregnancy calendar video content on your website is a smart one but how fast it happens is important.
Time is money after all.

VideoPartners pregnancy calendar videos are ready for rapid deployment: they just need localisation first.

With your cooperation and prompt approvals your own final customised and branded video series can be ready to go live in just 8 weeks.

Our video license cost approximately 20 000€ which means that you will start making profit a lot faster then if you had invested 200 000€ (which the approximate cost of creating a similar quality video series yourself).

The following activities need to be completed before the content can go live on your website:

  • Dubbing the audio (dialogues and voiceovers)
  • Translating texts/captions that appear in the videos
  • Adding your branding/logo at suitable locations
  • Choosing and installing the platform to run the videos
  • Uploading and “tagging” the videos.

Our process, including a free consultancy service, is geared to getting these tasks completed fast.

VideoPartner is quick in another important way too. Just contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.