If you have already researched the costs of creating a pregnancy calendar video series from scratch then, depending on where you are located in the world, you have discovered that to write a script, screenplay, hire actors and health care professionals then to film and edit a series of 40 x  2-3 minute videos with high quality equipment etc. would probably cost a lot. And it also takes a lot of time.

Yes, it would make a positive return on investment but it could take time and by then competitors and technology will have advanced.

With the VideoPartner pregnancy video calendar solution you pay a fraction of the cost and can have your own customised, exclusive, high quality content up and running in only 2 months – maybe even less.

Ten times faster and ten times cheaper than doing it yourself.

To get an exact quote for your market please contact us.

For helping you decide the value this deal represents for your company we recommend that you check the many financial benefits you can enjoy if you incorporate VideoPartner’s pregnancy calendar videos.

You may want to download and review our standard agreement.

Price includes:

  • Exclusive territorial licence for your operating country. Videos may only be shown on the internet.
  • All 40 video episodes of our Pregancy Calendar (1 per week = 40 weeks)
  • All necessary language translations and localisation
  • Text transcripts of the audio
  • Your logo/ branding in videos
  • Hand-holding service to get you up and running fast
  • Priority right to buy on our next two video series:  “Your baby’s first year” and “Parenting know-how”
  • Secure file transfer plus we store back up files for you.

Price does NOT include:

  • License does not permit you to copy, sell or rent these video series to a third party.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, but you can buy these optional extras

  • Shooting additional or replacement scenes if you need them or indeed you may have a sponsor in mind who would like to see their product placed inside the videos. Everything is possible.
  • Additional language versions for the same region/territory 50% of the standard licence fee
  • Customised promotional trailer episode

Here’s most of the things involved in making a high quality pregnancy calendar video series.

  • Concepting
  • Scripwriting
  • Production planning (Pre-production)
  • Videogpraphy (shoot)
  • Graphics design & creation
  • Voice talent recording
  • Original music
  • Editing
  • Motion Grapihcs & Special Effects
  • Animation
  • Final Edit, Mix and Master
  • actors
  • set decorators
  • lighting
  • make-up
  • costume design
  • location managment
  • locations
  • studios (green screen)
  • etc.
  • copywriters
  • doctors
  • midwives
  • other medical staff
  • content specialists