1 - Do I have to pay extra for the localization process (translations, editing, voiceover etc.?
2 - When your calendar says that the baby size is X and in our region the number is Y how would you solve this problem? Is it a problem?
3 - Can I add my company/website logo on the videos?
Yes. There are position where this is done for free as part of the localisation. If you require additional custom work done then it may be possible for an additional cost.
4 - Can I pay for the series in installments?
Yes but there will be an increase in price. Negotiable.
5 - Do you sell this product also to our competitors?
We only will allow one licence holder per country. Once we have a signed agreement with you then we will not sell the same product to anyone else in your country. However we will of course negotiate with various companies until we make a sale. The first to sign an agreement gets the exclusivity.
6 - Do you host the videos in your servers?
No, you host them on yours on our YouTube/Vimeo.
7 - Can I upload these videos to our company Youtube channel?
8 - If I upload to Youtube then my competitors can also use these videos?
Yes they could in theory but they would be carrying your branding. If you wish to avoid such thing from happening then there are other solutions available. For example you could use Vimeo and with Vimeo Pro you can allow only certain sites to show your videos.
9 - What other video providers do you suggest?
Youtube has several strong alternatives. Here are some to consider: Vimeo, Viddler, Brightcove, Vzaar, Ooyala
10 - How can I monetize these videos?
There are many different ways to make money by using our pregnancy calendar video series. For example it’s asy to create new and significant revenue streams from advertising, sponsorship or even pay-per-view. See Financial Benefits for more information.
11 - How do your videos help my site perform better in Google and other search engines?
Video is a very strong tool when it comes to SEO. But not only that. Video is great for marketing and we could help you find the best strategy. Don’t hesitate to ask. 
12 - What is included in the package? Only the video series or something more?
To find out what’s include in the licence please visit the Pricing page.
13 - Do you have other series like that for sale?
Not yet but “Month by month development of the baby” and “Parenting know-how” are in development. If you would like to express your interest, find out more or to be alerted when they are available for sale then please contact us.

Let us know if you have any more questions about our pregnancy calendar video collection?

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