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VideoPartner’s Pregnancy Calendar Videos – KEY Features and Benefits

  • Localised for each and every client (branding, voiceover language, text on videos etc.).
  • Only one licence per country available.
  • Videos are ready, just need localisation.
  • Almost 2 hours of attractively presented, original, educational material in total, the video series is divided into 40 weekly episodes.
  • Up to date, EU-standard, positive “feel good” content created by a team of professionals (doctors, midwives, hospitals, health care department etc.)
  • Full HD quality, beautifully filmed and professionally edited.
  • Designed for customisation and monetisation.
  • Unique, exclusive, attractive, high quality content at a fraction of the cost of creating similar quality videos from scratch.
  • Exclusive, original content in your territory.
  • Rapid deployment, minimal pain. Almost plug and play.
  • 40 engaging content opportunities for advertisers and sponsors. Guaranteed significant repeat visitors, week in, week out.
  • Credibility. This is professional parenting content you and your website users can trust.
  • Looks good on any device and the quality will reflect positively on your brand.
  • Easy to create new and significant revenue streams from advertising, sponsorship or even pay-per-view.

Attract new, profitable, revenue streams from the monetisation of cost-effective, high quality videos

Gain significant marketing advantages including new visitors and extra views for your sponsors and advertisers

Have a simple plug and play solution without IT headaches


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